Aida's Art

Aida is a delightful young lady with severe and complex special needs which impact on all areas of daily life. She was born in Bosnia in 1997, and placed directly in an orphanage in Sarajevo. She was adopted by Julie, a British volunteer working in the orphanage and came to live in the UK in 2002.

As a child she engaged in lots of art activities at home and at school, particularly loving opportunities to play and mix colours. Layering paint on objects such as shells and stones, colouring over stickers again and again to watch the colours changing…

In 2016, Aida was encouraged to paint a picture of the Helter Skelter on the end of Brighton Pier. The painting received a lot of  attention and inspired Julie her to paint some more Brighton scenes.

Aida’s art is a collection of her art work, and greeting cards! She is a very talented artist, and we are very proud to be selling her cards in our boutique.

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