Bookspeed is a market-leading supplier of books, toys and gifts. They create tailored ranges books and gifts for independent retailers. They are also the exclusive UK distributor for gift products from Europe and beyond, including  the fun and innovative Donkey Products.

Bookspeed provides gifts, books, activity and colouring books for adults and children.

Our favourite being the famous Animalium or Maps books or activity books for Children, to the Gin map, or Book of Tides for adults! So much choice, it is hard to pick, but books are such a gorgeous present, that you can not go wrong by giving one away!

    • Herlitz Notebook


      One for all and all in one! The brand new German concept for notebooks! The Herlitz notebook is simply brilliant! Soft plastic cover makes sure your notebook stays immaculate even when rolled up in a bag! With interchangeable inserts and refills.

    • Secret Brighton

    • Photicular Book


      The photicular book is a book where the photo moves! A magical treat for any child! Very informative these books on ocean, polar, safari or dinosaur are packed with useful informations and facts about the animals living in these different habitats.

    • Maps Book


      Explore the world without leaving your living room! This beautiful book called ‘Maps Book’, contains a collections of 52 maps highly illustrated, with lots of lovely details, places of interest, iconic personalities, native fauna and flora, local people, cultural events and much more fascinating facts!

    • Maps Activity Book


      A fabulous companion to the Maps Book, the Maps activity book is packed full of fascinating facts and puzzles from around the world and will keep a child entertain for a long time! Challenges, and activities are inspiring and informative, and will be fun to do too!

    • The Anxiety Journal


      Exercises to soothe stress and eliminate anxiety wherever you are.

    • Architecture According to Pigeons


      This unusual book is unconventional but great fun. Let Speck Lee Tailfeather guide you through the Architecture according to pigeons. Let him reveal to the human race the ins and outs of a pigeon’s sensibilities! Speck will guide you through many great buildings and shows you that pigeons are real…

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