A huge collection of plush, soft toys galore, quirky and fun designs, and the softest, cutest cuddlies around, Jellycat delights us with a wide range of quality soft toys and is a proud British leading soft toy manufacturer since 1999! Its best known range is the bashful bunny, its trademark really.

With two new collections every year, experimenting with materials and designs, Jellycat is THE plush manufacturer! Ask the children, they know best!

Choose from the softest bashful bunnies, or the wacky mad menagerie folks, there is a soft toy for any age! Mammoth, ostrich, warthog, unicorn, elephant, dodo, duck… No age restrictions!

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    • Fluffy Sea Creature


      The fluffy sea creature are so sweet!

    • Bashful Bunny Beige


      A classic soft toy rabbit, the Bashful Bunny Beige from Jellycat will delight any baby or child. Its long dangly ears and soft fur make you want to hug him and never let go!

    • Cream Bashful Bunny


      A classic and timeless soft toy, this oh so sweet, Bashful Bunny Cream will become anybody’s best friend! Perfect for a newborn baby, a child’s birthday present or, in fact, anyone who wants a bunny to cuddle!

    • Odell Octopus


      This Octopus is a fine friend to cuddle!

    • Bonbon Friend


      Which one of these gorgeous bonbon friends will you choose?

    • Bashful Bunny Silver


      The sweetest silvery grey rabbit from Jellycat is so soft and cuddly. A best friend for a little one to cuddle up with.

    • Bashful Saffron Bunny


      Love the gorgeous caramel fur on maple bunny!

    • Odette Ostrich


      Odette Ostrich is just stunning! Chatty and charming, she will make heads turn! Sadly she is retiring, so grab her while you can!

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