Lady Muck

Lady Muck of Whistable is a jewellery designer, who delights us with a range of insects based designs!

You will love this elegant ants cuff bracelet made from super cool laser-cut stainless steel! Available in a choice of black or rose gold finishes to suit the occasion, perfect for day or evening wear. This is a cool, urban style inspired by nature’s hardest workers. The ants parade across the wrist to form an edgy cuff. A very funky and slim design, this is designed to be a close fit to ensure it stays in place (fits most women’s wrists)!

Or why not take the totally on-trend pin badge to a new level with the Lady Muck Offy Brooch! You can choose from four designs depending on your favourite tipple! Choose an excellent vintage in the shape of the ‘vin’ brooch; Ice and a slice with a ‘gin’ brooch; or on the rocks with our ‘vodka’ brooch or a fresh ‘beer’.

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