Lamy is a Brilliant manufacturer of quality pens, designed and made in Germany.

Independent family business since 1930, Lamy is an expert in the art and culture of the pens. Its sleek and innovative designs have made it a very successful brand since 1952. Over 27 fountain pens, roller balls, ballpoints, pencils.., it is mostly known for the ‘Lamy Design’, or 2000 unmistakable design.

Check out the stunning LX collection!

The Lx Collection is the latest range of stylish and luxurious writing instrument! It is the perfect gift for someone looking for something extra special! Modern and sophisticated, this range combines beautiful metallic look with  timeless design.  “A trendsetting writing accessory for free spirits who value the better things in life and are always on the look-out for that special something.

The Lx, or Live deluxe features 4 amazing metallic colours: gold, rose gold, palladium and ruthenium!

Choose from the quality fountain pen or the rollerball pen with anodised aluminium barrels and matching clips plated! The contemporary metallic colours chosen are on-trend, match them with to Leuchtturm1917 special metallic edition notebook collection.


    • LAMY Giant Ink Cartridges T10


      LAMY Giant Ink Cartridges T10 Giant ink cartridge for all Lamy fountain pen models. Package with 5 cartridges. Available in black, blue-black, blue, green, turquoise and violet. About LAMY is a producer of writing instruments in Europe. The company is German-owned. Josef Lamy, who was a sales representative for The Parker…

    • Safari Fountain Pen


      Which colour will you choose? The Lamy safari fountain pen is the must have in the world of writing instrument. Recommended by pen lovers and secondary schools, this classic German pen is the crème de la crème.

    • Lamy Safari Pastel Special Edition 2019


      The brand new pastel collection for Spring 2019! Which one will you get? Powder Pink, Glaze Mint or Blue Macaron?

    • Safari Rollerball Pen


      Everybody will love a safari rollerball pen! Fantastic quality, this German pen is loved by pen connoisseurs and recommended by most secondary school.

    • Lamy Al Star Bronze Special Edition 2019


      Bronze is the new Special Edition in the premium quality metal pens from Lamy this spring!

    • Lamy Mechanical Pencil


      The choice is yours: Vista transparent barrel with a 0.5 mm lead or bright colour Safari propelling pencil with a 0.7 mm lead!

    • Lamy Rollerball Refill


      Refill for Lamy Safari or Al Star rollerball pens.

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