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Noted, founded in 2004 in New York, brings you Sunography! The concept is relatively simple. Place any object or transparency on the sunography paper or fabric, expose it in bright sunlight and rinse to reveal a rich blue print. Light and sensitive on both sides, to make two-sided prints! Made from high quality materials, each pack has 6 either sheets of paper or square of fabric in 6 assorted colours.

The superior quality of Sunography paper and fabric produces finely detailed prints. The prints can also be tinted yellow or sepia by rinsing with detergent.


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    • Sunography : Solar Powered Photography – Paper, Fabric And Cards


      Sunography is a great platform of creativity. Use your imagination to compose great designs: place any old photo negative or x-rays, leaves, flowers, or any household accessory, onto the support, paper or fabric, and expose to the sunlight! The sunlight sensitive materials (cyanotype) was a forerunner of modern photographic processes. This type of print dates back to 1842 and was popularised by Anna Atkin, one of the first female photographers.
      Choose from paper, coloured fabric or colours cards to get a really nicely detailed blue print onto the support of your choice!
      Original gift, it will delight any age group!

    • Stump Garden Cultivation Kit


      Grow your own plant in these stunning Stump-like pots! Wild strawberry, cactus or sweet basil!

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