Qualy is a Dutch brand defined by the following:

  • Bringing unforeseen designs from around the world and the best and unique product from various countries.
  • The creativity that the designers invent and come up with.
  • Efficiency function that can use in daily life and lifestyle.
  • Inspiration and surprising for the customer.

Qualy stands for:

  • Q: quality in design recognised worldwide
  • U: Unique designs patented
  • A: Aesthetic of art piece that function
  • L: Long Lasting with sustainable concept and focus on community and environment
  • Y:You, design to respond to your need, function or decoration.

The brand brings a great range of products, we have chosen a few that could make great gifts!

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    • Save Turtle Magnet


      Choose from: Light grey: made from recycled plastic bottle Black: made from recycled discarded fishing net Dark grey: made from recycled plastic bag Dimensions: W 9.5 x L 10 x H 2.9 cm

    • Polar Bear Ocean Container


      Polar Bear Ocean Container This is a container for our convenience but the ocean is not. Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic goes into the ocean, floating, sinking and causes the deaths of more than 100,000 marine mammals. It’s time to think carefully about everything we use to avoid…

    • Ocean Ecology Magnets


       The Ocean Ecology Magnets Many sea creatures are suffering from plastic products left in the ocean. Please use plastic responsibly so that we will keep them safe during our lifetime. Meanwhile, these marine animals will keep your notes safe too! QL10337 Save The Ocean Magnets Size : Vary Colour : Mix…

    • Shark Fin Magnets


      Check out this message by Qualy:

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