Roka is a British brand, created by husband and wife, Emma Rosenberg and Brett Katz. This London brand brings a modern twist on an old school classic, combining fashion, function, and affordability to bags and backpacks.

Roka takes pride in their brand and products, offering weather resistant, ageless and unisex, tough, durable and lightweight, vegan and ethically produced bags.

We are proud to be stocking the sustainable collection of bags and backpacks in Brighton. The Finchley bag is made of 12-15 recycled bottles found on beaches.The material for these bags is also produced using less energy. The aim is to help reduce waste in the world, save energy, and allow customers to shop consciously.

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    • Finchley Sustainable Backpack


      The Finchley sustainable backpack is simply brilliant! Perfect to go back to work or school, the bag is perfect to put your laptop, water bottle, lunch, change of shoes… Wear it on your back on your walk to work, or on your bicycle, or hold it by its handles for…

    • Retro Camo Sustainable Bag


      The retro camo sustainable bag are made from recycled plastic bottles, helping to reduce pollution. Roka develop new methods of production that use less energy and use recycled plastic bottles. These little bags are helping to make a big difference!  Less plastic. Less energy. Roka Sustainable.  The gorgeous retro camo…

    • Sustainable Backpack Canfield C Medium


      Do your bit for the environment and buy a sustainable bag! This backpack is made from 12-15 recycled plastic bottles. Sleek, stylish and sustainable!

    • Paddington B Sustainable Crossbody Canvas Bag


      The Paddington B Sutainable Crossbody Canvas bag is made of recycled plastic bottles, helping to reduce pollution! This little bag is helping to make a big difference! Less plastic. Less energy. Roka Sustainable.  What colour of the Paddington will you choose? Out favourites are Marine and Sienna. The Sustainable Paddington…

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