Space 1a Design

Space 1a Design

Colourful home-ware from Space 1a…

Space 1a is a UK brand created in 2011 by Helen Moulinos and Daniel Stent, celebrating curious contemporary design in a sustainable way. The natural world is the inspiration for their award-winning home collection: clocks, pillow, and toiletries bags amongst other home and kitchen accessories.

Check out some of the amazing products we’ve got in store at Cad-eau!

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who takes pride in their wardrobe, or just someone who loves scented things? Try these Lavender Sachets! A traditional lavender bag with a modern twist, in a range of gorgeous contemporary prints!

Perfect to put in your drawer at home with some home linen or in your underwear drawer, these little lavender bags are a UK product.

Looking for something a little bigger? How about the Animal Clock? This statement time piece is bound to add colour and character to any room!

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