Celebrating Cadeau’s Birthday with Dj MiMi!
Celebrating Cadeau’s Birthday with Dj MiMi!

Celebrating Cadeau’s Birthday with Dj MiMi!

Here at cad-eau we pride ourself on our uniqueness and seaside spirit. For a special event last week, and to celebrate the success of 6 years since our grand opening, DJ MiMi set up for a 4 hour set outside our doors. 

DJ MiMi on Brighton seafront

DJ MIMI is a Brighton born, self-taught DJ. With Mauritian roots Mimi plays music from across the world, bringing the tropical vibe to our seaside location. Having attracted thousands to her online live shows on Facebook and creating an entirely new genre of music by blending Mauritian Sega with jungle and drum and bass, MiMi was the perfect DJ to celebrate the uniqueness and creative style that entrepreneur and owner Anne Sawicki has built over the past 6 years. 

MIMI is furthermore the founder of Pink Mauritius International. Creating the first of its kind international online safe space and community for those that identify as LGBTQ+ and Mauritian. As a pioneer for global Mauritian LGBTQ rights Mimi has been instigating for better representation within the LGBT community and for sensibility and awareness within the Mauritian community abroad. She has done this by collaborating with established and renowned groups such as Club Kali and is looking to bring Pink Mauritius International into new spaces for a better future for mixed-Mauritian people raised abroad. 

Follow her on instagram here.

It was an absolute pleasure to host this event and hope to collaborate with Mimi again in the future.

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