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    • Wooden Dragonfly


      We love the wooden dragonfly from our lovely supplier Lovi! Choose from 5 colours: light blue, petrol blue, pink, blue or natural! Get one of each and make a gorgeous mobile! Packaged in a small postcard, easy to send as a gift, assemble this wooden 3D model yourself! Send a…

    • Lovi Wooden Black Cat


      A black cat is good luck!

    • Wooden Owl


      The wooden owl is a beautiful 3D model packaged as a postcard! Nice and easy to send as gift, it is a perfect birthday card, or new home’s card! The unique patented design is a creation by Finnish artist Anne Paso for Lovi. The small family business makes all their…

    • Lovi Grey Cat Wooden Decoration to Assemble Yourself


      A black cat is good luck!

    • Lovi Spruce Tree


      A beautiful wooden decor to create yourself.

    • 3D Poster


      The 3D poster kit contains all you need to make a bright and stylish handmade object that can use to decorate a room. This activity develops concentration and dexterity, whilst showing stunning results! Which 3D poster will you choose? The gorgeous bird of Amazonie or the fabulous Lion King? This…

    • Create With Transfers


      Decorate the 4 pre-cut models with transfers, fold and assemble 3D models. Then It is time to play.

    • Sculptures to Scratch Pretty Dresses


      3 large sculptures to scratch and then display! What fun it is to uncover the hidden illustrations!

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