A Moment in Time – Inspired by Le Douanier Rousseau

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An encounter between a contemporary illustrator and the great master of the naive art, Henri Rousseau.

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A rub-on transfer activity that invites children to discover the style of the famous Douanier Rousseau, a great master of naive art. Little by little, the images are added and layered to compose 4 designs representing wild animals hidden in a lush natural setting!

Who will you buy a moment in time for?

  • To discover the work of Douanier Rousseau.
  • An encounter between a contemporary illustrator and the great master.
  • Age 5-99, because it is never too late to plunge into the world of art!
  • 4 designs to create and a multitude of images to transfer to paper.
  • The pencil is provided.
  • An explanatory booklet details the activity step by step.
  • Contents: 4 printed backgrounds (20 x 20 cm), 4 sheets of transfers, 1 pencil, 1 booklet with step-by-step explanations in colour.
  • Design by Bex Parkins for Djeco
  • Inspired by Le Douanier Rousseau, considered the archetype of the modern naive artist, find out more here.

The Inspired By Collection by Djeco is a range of creative and accessible arts and crafts activities offering an introduction to the world of art. Illustrators are inspired by the master artists that they showcase in their design!

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