Bauhaus Centenary Collection

Bauhaus Centenary Collection



Bauhaus celebrates its centenary in 2019! Treat yourself to some primal, primary and pure writing pleasure.

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Celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus Mouvement with this beautiful and inspiring stationery collection by Leuchtturm1917! Russian born artist Wassily Kadinski had a point when he said ” Everything starts from a dot.”

Let your creativity flourish with our Bauhaus collection. The dot is a point of departure for every line, whether it develops into a sketch, structure or script.

Choose from one of the following products:

  • Yellow A5 notebook with a black fore-edge and dots paper
  • Red A5 Notebook with a royal blue fore-edge and dots paper
  • Blue A5 Notebook with a red fore-edge and dots paper
  • Black A5 Notebook with a royal blue fore-edge and dots paper
  • Matching Pen Loops
  • Matching pencil
  • Box of 5 pencils in the following combination: Blue box includes 4 blue and a red pencils, Yellow box includes 4 yellow and a black pencils, Red box includes 4 red and a royal blue pencils, Black box includes 4 black and a royal blue pencils.

Leuchtturm1917 make a difference with details that matter:

  • hard cover
  • 251 numbered pages
  • dotted paper
  • a table of contents
  • two pages markers
  • perforated pages in the back
  • a gusseted pocket
  • a set of stickers to individualise your notebook on the cover and spine

A5 Notebook Yellow, A5 Notebook Red, A5 Notebook Blue, A5 Notebook Black, Pen Loop Yellow, Pen Loop Red, Pen Loop Blue, Pen Loop Black, Pencil Yellow, Pencil Red, Pencil Blue, Pencil Black, 5 Pencils Blue/Red, 5 Pencils Yellow/Black, 5 Pencils Red/Blue, 5 Pencils Black/Blue


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