Cactus Car Charger

Cactus Car Charger


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The perfect cacti to keep in your car! No more fighting, everybody can charge their device at once!

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The cactus car charger is a prickly friend for your thirsty battery. It Fits any lighter socket and 3.1 Amps allows for charging 3 mobile devices or 1 mobile and 1 tablet at the same time.

What’s wrong when you have one lighter socket in your car, one dead mobile and one tablet? You can’t charge both, right? Wrong! 

You will never be in that dilemma again with this prickly little friend, the Cactus car charger is made for the technology-loving individual. Look how cute this cactus car charger is! Not only is this cactus easy to fit, but its cactus shaped, what more do you need?!

The product features:

  • Easy to fit 
  • Charges 3 mobile devices or 1 mobile and 1 tablet 
  • Fits any lighter socket 
  • Cactus shaped charger 
  • Stable and fast 
  • Green

Find out more about Kikkerland design here.


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