Djeco Masking Tape – Seven Designs

Djeco Masking Tape – Seven Designs



Choose between five gorgeously designed masking tapes to find the best one for you!

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Art projects or making presents look extra special are just two of many exciting ways this gorgeous Djeco Masking Tape can be used. Additionally, you can choose a design that best suits you for a personal touch.

What will your creativity lead you to do with Djeco masking tape?

The masking tape comes in five different designs by five different designers:

  • Elodie Nouhen (1.5cm x 10m) – Pictures of little blue and green birds on a blue background.
  • Chichi Huang (1.5cm x 10m) – Pictures of  little girls with cat and rabbit ears.
  • Rosie Wonders (1.5cm x 10m) – Pictures of hearts stars and flowers on a pink background.
  • Lucille Michielli (1.5cm x 10m) – Pictures of rabbits jumping on a dark blue background.
  • Murial Kerba (2.5cm x 10m) – Pictures of fish in a background of swirly sea.
  • Martyna Zoltaszek (2.5cm x 10m) – Pictures of tigers in shrubbery.
  • Pierre Mornet (2.5 cm x 10 m) – Pictures of flowers and fairies.

It is also available in two sizes, which design comes in which size is displayed above.

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Muriel, Martyna, Lucille, Chichi, Rosie, Elodie, Pierre


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