Lady Muck Offy Brooch

Lady Muck Offy Brooch


Superbly chic and stylish pin badges.

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Take the totally on-trend pin badge to a new level with the Lady Muck Offy Brooch!

You can choose from four designs depending on your favourite tipple!

You will love this Lady Muck Offy Brooch!  But which design will you choose?

Choose an excellent vintage in the shape of the ‘vin’ brooch; Ice and a slice with a ‘gin’ brooch; or on the rocks with our ‘vodka’ brooch or a fresh ‘beer’?

All have quality brooch fittings.

The ‘vin’ bottle  measures 2.8cm high and is 2mm deep; ‘gin’ and ‘vodka’ bottles measure 3cm high and 2mm deep.

The brooch is one of the very few versatile accessories but tends to be one of the most overlooked. These ‘offy’ designs are super cool, fun and relevant to today’s style and fashion. A perfect little gift for a birthday, or Valentine’s day!


Vodka, Vin, Gin, Beer


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