Little Friend in a Box

Little Friend in a Box



Super cute little friend in a card box. Play with it, and then gently put it to bed, in its box, on its pillow and cover it with its blanket! The matchbox is the size of a card game so small enough to keep with you at all times! But which one to choose?


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How adorable are the little friend in a box sets? Handmade in Sussex, the felt animal is about 8 cm, and has its own bedding inside the card box! So sweet! Perfect gift for any child!

Take your little friend in a box everywhere you go!

Which miniature animal will you choose?

  • Belle Badger
  • Basil Beaver
  • Kenny Koala
  • Lily Leopard
  • Ozzy Otter
  • Polly Penguin
  • Penny Panda
  • Rocco Raccoon
  • Roxy Red Panda
  • Samuel Sloth
  • Leonard Lion
  • Reggie Rabbit
  • Douglas Dinosaur
  • Pedro Pug

Red Panda, Leopard, Beaver, Otter, Panda, Sloth, Penguin, Raccoon, Badger, Koala, Dinosaur, Lion, Rabbit, Pug


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