Little My Moomin Troll 3D – Postcard And Decoration

Little My Moomin Troll 3D – Postcard And Decoration


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Great gift to send as Little My comes package as a postcard, with instructions to make a 3D model. Little My is a Moomin character created by Tove Jansson, a Finnish author, artist and illustrator.






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Little My is a great Moomin character, find out more here. Make your Own Moomin Troll 3D Decoration, wooden cut-out packaged as a postcard. Made of high quality sustainably sourced birch plywood. Ethically and ecologically sustainable. Collectable, see other Moomin family members. Pack contains pre-cut pieces and instructions. Comes in a postcard like package.

Little My is a design by Anne Paso, creator of the lovely patented wooden 3D postcard.

Contains 13 parts
Size: Package: 13 x 9 cm, Little My: 9 cm
Weight: 35g
Color: natural wood, black, orange
Material: eco-friendly birch plywood
Made in Finland

The Lovi products are made of PEFC-certified birch plywood from Finnish Forests, which are replanted after felling. Today, the northern forests of Finland are growing faster than they are felled. Lovi has also a nice responsible attitude towards the environment and is giving back by donating to various schemes to help replanting schemes in the world areas worst affected by drought, erosion and flooding: 5000 trees planted yearly since 2009 read more here.

Find out how to assemble the kit:

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 9 × 0.3 in

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