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Me and Mats Cards are a brilliant range of greeting cards for almost any occasion. Bright and uplifting, they are designed to bring a smile on your face, and send love and warm thoughts to the recipient.

Which one of the amazing range of Me and Mats cards will you choose?

We have a few festive designs to choose from

  • Season to sparkle: beautiful peacock
  • Happy holidays: flock of penguins
  • Happy Holidays: jumping zebra
  • Let it snow: polar bear

And a great collection of different occasions:

  • A beautiful soul is never forgotten
  • Trust the magic of new beginnings
  • Take a walk on the wild side: ostrich
  • No better then now
  • Merci beaucoup
  • Gold wish
  • Gold Hooray
  • Gold Love
  • Gold Joy
  • Gold thanks
  • Stay wild
  • Be awesome
  • Hello Sunshine
  • Chase adventure

Each card comes with a white envelope and is blank inside. Check out the all range here.


Zebra, No Better Time, Merci Beaucoup, Gold Love, Gold Hooray, Gold Thanks, Gold Wish, Gold Joy, Let It Snow, Penguin, Season To Sparkle, Trust The Magic, Walk On The Wild Side, A Beautiful Soul, Chase Adventure, Be awesome, Hello Sunshine, Stay Wild

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