Multicoloured Birds Mobile by Djeco

Multicoloured Birds Mobile by Djeco


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Simple and enchanting paper white bird mobile. Designed by the Japanese artist and graphic designer Katsumi Komagata.

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A timeless classic, the Multicoloured Birds Mobile by Djeco, is one of our favourite mobile! A truly beautiful paper creation, an arial sculpture, simple but elegant, it will add a bit of freedom to any space. A lovely gift for a child or an adults!

The multicoloured birds mobile makes a gorgeous gift! It combines the beauty of paper in an enchanting and delightful design.

This decoration will transform any room in an instant.

This large mobile comes flat packed and is really easy to assemble.

Dimensions: 80 x 76cm

A very light mobile made out of FSC paper.

Includes: Metal rods, elements printed on FSC paper, 1 adhesive attachment, 1 nylon thread and 1 set of assembly instructions.

Designed by Christel Sadde with illustrations by Katsumi Komagata, a Japanese graphic designer in collaboration with Djeco, find out more here!




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