Olive Wood Shaving Brush

Olive Wood Shaving Brush


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This gorgeous olive wood soap dish will be a stylish addition to any bathroom!

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This beautiful olive wood shaving brush is just perfect for adding a natural touch to your grooming routine. Each brush is totally unique thanks to the varying olive grain.

Each olive wood shaving brush has been hand-carved in Tunisia, and the wood itself is a biproduct of the olive industry, meaning the wood has not be grown for the unique purpose of making these dishes. Therefore, no olive trees were harmed or damaged in the making of them. The brush is made with pig hair a bi product from the slaughter industry.

No olive trees are damaged or destroyed to make these dishes. Olive trees need to be pruned to produce a good tasty olive with high yield. Also after a certain age the olive tree becomes damaged and unproductive, to keep up with the pace of nature, very old trees have to be replaced with new ones. The wood from the largest salvageable branches are used to make these dishes.

A truly unique and thoughtful gift, perfect for any man, especially with a natural shaving soap.


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