Recycle Adventure Knife

Recycle Adventure Knife


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We love the recycled adventure knife! It is made from 100% recycled gill nets, paired with a high-end Italian blade. Built-to-last, go-to functional pocket carry.


  • 0% virgin plastics, 100% recycled monofilament gill nets, which are regarded as the most dangerous form of ghost nets due to their likelihood of entanglement and invisible underwater appearance.
  • The green colouration of the knife is entirely derived from the original netting and has no additional pigments or dyes.
  • Ergonomic shaped handle with folding blade design with locking position.


The blade and components of our adventure knife are made with 2.5 mm thick W 1.4034 stainless steel for an optimum blend of corrosion resistance properties without sacrificing hardness (56HRC) and the ability to hold an edge.

  • Made in Italy by precision knife makers
  • 80 mm total blade length
  • Multipurpose blade with 25 mm serrated section for tough cutting
  • Simple frame-lock system.
  • Built to last. Whilst steel blades are initially energy intensive to create, our knives are built for a lifetime of purpose and adventure.
  • Weight: 77 g
  • Total blade length:80 mm
  • Length of serrated blade portion: 25 mm
  • Blade thickness:2.5 mm
  • Folded length: 111 mm
  • Body height: 29 mm
  • Body thickness: 16.5 mm


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