Ring Toss Game Lasso

Ring Toss Game Lasso


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Great game to play in the garden!

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The Ring Toss Game Lasso is a fabulous game to play outdoors. Each player will throw the 5 rings around the targets to score maximum points. The farther the throwing area defined by the players, the more difficult it becomes. 

The Ring Toss Game Lasso is. a must-have in any household.

The game consists of a byeautifully illustrated wooden target to mount, 5 rings and a cloth storage bag that will allow you to take the game everywhere with you!

Dimensions: 46 x 16.5 x 5 cm

Recommended Age: 4-8 Years

Players: 1 or as many as you want

Design by Ben Newman For Djeco, our favourite French brand, bringing a modern twist on traditional games!


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