Screen Glasses Frame D

Screen Glasses Frame D



The designer screen glasses from See Concept, are perfect for adults or children alike, and help you protect your precious eyes and eyesight! Which style of frame will you choose: Frame C or more rounder frame D? The choice is yours!

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A brand new eyeglasses by See Concept Paris: the Screen Glasses! With a dioptre of 0, the glasses are filtering 40% of the blue LED light from your smartphone, TV or computer screen!

A new fantastic brilliant idea by See Concept, protect your eyes in designer style with a pair os screen glasses!

  • Screen protective glasses
  • Soft Touch finish
  • Glasses which filter out 40% of the blue light emited by LED screens
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Packaging size: 180 x 85 x 35 mm
  • Frame size: 138*47*133 mm
  • Flexible hinges
  • Dioptre strenght available : +0
  • Packaged in a felt pouch and a case

We spend on average,  50 hours a week on smartphones and tablets, in front of computer screens and TV screens or playing video games. All these screens have the latest generation «LED backlighting» and emit so-called «blue» light, also known as HEV (High Energy Visible) light.

Blue light is almost as dangerous as UV light and can cause:

– In the short term, headaches and sore eyes.
– In the long term, irreversible eye damage (cataracts, AMD: Macular Degeneration related to Age)

See Concept’s Screen range is equipped with innovative lense that filters out 40% of the blue light* emitted by our screens, for a gentler daily experience in front of the screen and protection for your eyes. (40% of HEV rays emitted between 400 and 460nm)


Black, Navy, Khaki, Grey, Red, Light Tortoise, Blue Tortoise, Dark Tortoise


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