Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle

Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle



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The smart egg labyrinth puzzle is a portable handheld puzzle, which will challenge even the most advanced puzzlers. With an intricate inner labyrinth, the player must navigate through using the want provided, to get it back out from the bottom of the egg. The perfect present to keep idle hands engaged and gives the brain a good workout!

Builds logical thinking, focuses the mind, develops relaxation and creates a new challenge every time.

Choose from one of the following:

  • Jester, level of difficulty: 6
  • Zigzag, level of difficulty: 17
  • Techno, level of difficulty: 7
  • Dino, level of difficulty: 11
  • Scorpion, level of difficulty: 10
  • Lava, level of difficulty: 8

Jester, Zigzag, Techno, Dino, Scorpion, Lava


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