Spirabobble Rainbow x 3

Spirabobble Rainbow x 3


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in stock

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We love our Spirabobble Rainbow! No tugging, no tearing, just stylish spiral hair bobbles that keep hair neatly and comfortably tied up all day.

Super versatile, the quality  SpiraBobble Rainbow is perfect for any age or gender!

It’s the perfect hairband choice for a casual pony or use as a traceless spiral hair ring for a fancy updo.

  • Tangle-free, Snag-free, Damage-free haircare accessory.
  • Hygienic, waterproof, easy to clean, non-toxic.
  • Strong, safe, sturdy – 12-month guarantee.
  • Great in your hair … and on your wrist.
  • Suitable for all hair types – Curly, Straight, Thick, Fine, Short and Long too!
  • Fully Recyclable


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