The Gin Maker’s Kit

The Gin Maker’s Kit



Award winning kits allowing you to create delicious blended gin, by adding carefully curated botanicals blends to a clear bottle of vodka. Wait 24 H et voilà! The perfect gift for any Gin Lover!

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We love the Gin Maker’s Kit range: Discover the unique DIY gin blends, and become a gin expert with a Gin masterclass in a tube!

Which Gin Maker’s kit will you choose?

All gin starts its life as a clear distilled spirit into which botanicals are infused with the dominant flavour being juniper. We suggest you use ordinary vodka which works really well and is readily available in all supermarkets.


1. Add one sachet of the pre-mixed Gin Etc botanicals supplied in the kit into the bottle. Do not crush them as this will make your gin cloudy.

2. Pour in all of the vodka to fill the bottle to the base of the neck.

3. Infuse for 20 hours, then have a taste. If it needs longer then leave the botanicals in for a further 4 hours but no more than 24 hours from beginning to end. When you are happy with the flavour it is important to stop the process and remove the botanicals by filtering or straining through a sieve.

4. Decant your gin into the bottle provided.

5. Finally, stick on the label and enjoy your G&T. If supplied, sprinkle lightly one of the gin toppers into your glass of G&T to further enhance the flavour and aroma of your gin.

When tasting we find it best to mix up a small amount with a neutral tonic to get sense of the range of flavours. By all means taste it neat but it will be harder to recognise the subtleties of the botanicals over the alcohol. As gin takes its flavour from the botanicals, it also takes some of the colour. It is normal for your gin to turn a golden yellow.


  • The Artisan:
  • Bottle and stopper
  • Label
  • Filter papers
  • Funnel
  • Sieve
  • Two blends of Gin Etc botanicals complete with juniper berries
  • The Gentleman also includes gin toppers in sachets and test tubes to enhance the flavour and aroma of your G&T when serving.
  • The Love Potion uniquely includes two sachets of natural colour-changing botanicals.
  • The Expert kit includes an additional blend of botanicals plus gin toppers in sachets and test tubes to enhance your G&T when serving.
  • Just add a bottle of clear vodka from any supermarket, 24H
  • The Hedgerow: Blended Sloe Gin Kit: add a clear gin and wait 14 days.


The Artisan, The Hedgerow, The Gentleman, The Expert, The Love Potion


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