Blue Tinyroom – Tinyly Figurine

Blue Tinyroom – Tinyly Figurine


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Brand new Tinyly set: Blue Tinyroom! Blue and her inseparable companion Bubble’s tinyroom is an adorable miniature living space. The little box turns into Blue’s bedroom. A lovely bedroom design and a comfortable little bed where the figurines can snuggle under the covers. This bubbly world filled with sweetness and poetic charm offers a doll’s bedroom design and adds to the portable Tinyly houses.

Get Blue Tinyroom on its own or add some other Tinyly figures from our complete range here.

  • An entire miniature bedroom design.
  • A magnetic box so you can take your tinyroom anywhere.
  • Contents: 1 box containing 1 figurine, 1 companion, 1 bed, 1 screen and 1 felt cover
  • Made of FSC® certified paper and cardboard.
  • Recommended Age: 4-9 years


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