Djeco Create With Stickers

Djeco Create With Stickers



Children just love stickers and these Djeco sticker packs are some of the best!

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Djeco Create With Stickers brings lots of creative sticking fun! Plenty of different pictures to be made using lots of stickers. A perfect present for children aged 4-8 years and they’re so easy to pop in the post!

Easy and affordable gift for young children, the only question is which Djeco create with stickers to choose?

16 beautiful cards to decorate with 510 stickers!!

Choose from a collection of stickers to make the trees emerge from winter and let your imagination go wild, or dress 16 different animals in feathers and fur to make the most outrageous animals you can!

DJ08932 Animals
DJ08933 All Different
DJ08931 Sea Creatures
DJ08933 Bring on the Springtime


Bring the Springtime, Animals, All Different, Sea Creatures


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