mt nano Masking Tape Cutters

mt nano Masking Tape Cutters



Wether you use mt masking tapes for scrapbooking, decorating jars, books, or boxes, gift wrapping, the mt nano cutters are a fantastic help!

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Perfect to cut your mt washi tapes, the sets of mt nano masking tape cutters are brilliant! Set, slide and cut! A great tool for the lovers of masking tapes.

We love the Japanese mt nano masking tape cutters, a great set of tools for all your decorating!

We offer two sets:

  • 3  x 15 mm wide mt tape in red, white and grey
  • 2 x 30 mm wide mt tape in white and blue

Take a look here for ‘how to’ instructions.

Simple, minimal and stylish, these sets are just a must-have accessories for dispensing easily your favourite mt masking tapes.

Each set comes in a white cardboard box, size: 4 x 10 x 2 cm


3 x 15 mm, 2 x 30 mm


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