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Djeco Puzz Art



Not your usual jigsaw puzzle! The Djeco Puzz Art has no corners and no edging either! With beautiful illustrations, this lovely collection is sure to keep you busy for a while!

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The Djeco Puzz’art collection is simply brilliant. Born of a wacky idea from the Djeco team and the talents of the illustrators, “Puzz Art” recreates traditional puzzles. The shapes are cut-out outlines, and offer a complete image to start with… then inside you will find more pictures that are crammed with details.

Amateur of jigsaws, this gorgeous range is for you! Normal puzzle rules do not apply to this unusual design: there is no corners and no edging! Just the large silhouette of an animal that harbours a teeming imaginary world.

The Djeco Puzz art makes a great indoor activity, perfect for a rainy afternoon, winter holidays… The only question is which one to choose?

  • Octopus : DJ07651, 350 pieces, Age 7+, design by Philip Giordano, 42 x 62 cm
  • Seahorse: DJ07653, 350 pieces, Age 7+, design by Muriel Kerba, 30 x 68 cm
  • Boa: DJ07650, 350 pieces, Age 7+, design by Delphine Jacquot, 62 x 46 cm
  • Lion: DJ07654, 150 pieces, Age 6+, design by Aurélia Fronty, 60 x 45 cm
  • Chameleon, DJ07655, 150 pieces, Age 6+, design by Amélie Videlo, 62 x 48 cm
  • Elephant, DJ07652, 150 pieces, Age 6+, design by Simona Mulazzani, 62 x 46 cm
  • Dodo, DJ07656, 350 pieces, Age 7+. design by Delphine Jacquot, 42 x 62 cm
  • Whale, DJ07658, 150 pieces Age 6+, design by Simona Mulazzani, 67.4 x 40 cm
  • Monkey, DJ07657, 350 pieces, Age 7+, Design by Laurent Moreau, 45.9 x 55.9 cm

Each puzzle is made in Spain, and comes in a box 23 x 34 x 5 cm.

We have more puzzles here. Find out more about Djeco and its story.


Boa, Dodo, Elephant, Octopus, Seahorse, Lion, Chameleon, Whale, Monkey


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