Madeleine Spencer Jewellery Earrings


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MSJ 1 Studs Round, MSJ26 Leaf Earrings, MSJ27 Silver Organic Twig Hoops, MSJ53 Mother of Pearl Sunrise Silver Earrings, MSJ75 Faceted Turquoise Earrings, MSJ64 Aquamarine Gemstone Hoops, MSJ65 Brass and Silver Triangle Earrings, MSJ 66 Turquoise and Silver Earrings, MSJ67 Diamond quartz ring earrings, MSJ 70 Silver Drops studs with Dot detail, MSJ 71 Turquoise & Diamond Quartz Ring Earrings, MSJ72 Pyrite Earrings, MSJ 73 White Fresh-Water Pearl Ring Earrings, MSJ74 White Fresh-water Pearl & Aquamarine Earrings, MSJ76 Chrysoprase Ring Earrings, MSJ77 Coated Hematite Ring Earrings, MSJ78 Fresh Water Cluster Earrings, MSJ79 Triangle & Pearl Earrings


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