Madeleine Spencer Jewellery Necklace

Madeleine Spencer Jewellery Necklace



Find your perfect silver necklace by Madeleine Spencer Jewellery.

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The Madeleine Spencer Jewellery Necklace collection is magnificent! Choose from a long necklace with semi precious stones or a silver disc. Each piece is unique and made by silversmith and artist Madeleine.

Looking for a necklace for a loved one? A special friend or a simply for yourself? You will fall in love with a unique piece from Madeleine Spencer Jewellery necklace collection.

Our stunning pieces are as follow:

  • MSJ7 : Chrysoprane long necklace, 60 cm
  • MSJ8: Brown moonstone long necklace, 58 cm
  • MSJ9: Silver Droplet necklace, 50 cm
  • MSJ15: Tiny silver triangle necklace, 44 cm
  • MSJ17: Apatite necklace, 44 cm
  • MSJ18: Tally Chart Disc necklace, 45 cm
  • MSJ21: Disc necklace “Ton”, 50 cm
  • MSJ22: Bar Necklace, 50 cm
  • MSJ29: Silver crescent necklace, 40 cm
  • MSJ30: “Love” necklace, 50 cm
  • MSJ31: Cluster necklace with fresh water pearl, 44 cm
  • MSJ32: Silver “connect” necklace, 50 cm
  • MSJ33: Tiny white fresh water pearl necklace, 40 cm
  • MSJ39: Cluster chain necklace with mixed pearls and gemstones and leaf charm, 44cm
  • MSJ45: Cluster chain necklace with apatite gemstone and triangle charm, 43cm
  • MSJ68: Necklace with silver bar
  • MSJ69: Agathe Gemstone necklace
  • MSJ70: Turquoise cluster necklace
  • MSJ71: Diamond Quartz necklace
  • MSJ123: Turquoise & Amazonite Silver Chain Necklace

MSJ 7 Long Necklace Pale Green, MSJ 8 Long Necklace Moonstone, MSJ 9 Droplets Necklace, MSJ 10 Lapis Cluster Necklace, MSJ 11 Wishbone & Ring Necklace, MSJ 12 Eternity Ring, MSJ 13 Long Triangle, MSJ 14 Agathe Chain, MSJ 15 Tiny Triangle, MSJ 16 Chrysoprane Necklace, MSJ 17 Apathite Necklace, MSJ 18 Disc Tally Chain, MSJ 19 Horizon Necklace, MSJ 20 Mended Disc, MSJ 21 Writing 'Ton' Disc, MSJ 22 Bar Necklace, MSJ29 Silver Crescent Necklace, MSJ30 Love Necklace, MSJ31 Cluster Necklace with fresh water pearl, MSJ32 Connect Necklace, MSJ33 Tiny Fresh water pearl, MSJ39 Cluster chain necklace with mixed pearls & gemstones & leaf charm, MSJ45 Cluster chain necklace with apatite gemstone & triangle charm, MSJ56 Cluster Necklace with Turquoise, MSJ57 Silver Cluster with Kisses, MSJ68 Silver Bar, MSJ69 Agathe, MSJ71 Diamond Quartz, MSJ 80 Turquoise Tassel necklace, MSJ92 Pearl Silver Disc & Pink Opal Cluster Necklace, MSJ93 Silver Crescent & Turquoise Necklace, MSJ94 Turquoise Tassel Unique Necklace, MSJ95 White, Pearl & Blue Opal Necklace, MSJ96 Rough Turquoise Nugget Necklace, MSJ97 Tiger Eye, Silver disc& Ring Necklace, MSJ98 Long Lapis Lazuli & Silver Disc Necklace, MSJ123 Turquoise & Amazonite Silver Chain Necklace, MSJ142 Turquoise Nugget Silver Chain Necklace, MSJ145 Facete Turquoise + Chain necklace, MSJ146 £ White Pearl Necklace, MSK147 Turquoise Tassle Necklace, MSJ148 Aquamarine Ring Necklace, MSJ149 Amazonite Rondelle Ring Necklace


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