Ditch The Plastic
Ditch The Plastic
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Ditch The Plastic

Let’s all join in the war on single use plastic. Almost 90% of all floating material in the ocean is plastic and a shocking 8 million tonnes of plastic waste goes into the ocean every year!! 

Rise above plastic! 

100 billion plastic bottles are produced each year using 2 billion gallons of oil. There is a raft of plastic rubbish in the Atlantic ocean that is twice the size of Texas!

Everybody can play a part, starting with ditching the use of plastic water bottles. Just by choosing a reusable bottle, you can really make a difference.

We all have busy lives and habits that are hard to break, but now we are all aware of the havoc wreaked on the environment by single use plastic!  If you haven’t seen the recent BBC programme, check it out here!  

So how can you help the environment and make sure you stay hydrated?  Grab yourself a stainless steel bottle for your every day water needs! One green bottle is a local company, based in Hove, with a fabulous range of alternative water bottles in different sizes and colour ways. Make your mark on the war on plastic and get yourself a stainless steel bottle! Let’s all make a stand and ditch that plastic!

The bottles are brilliant for packed lunches for children or adults, or for use as sports bottles! Different sizes, different colours, there’s a One green bottle for everyone! 

All these stainless steel bottles are toxin, Phthalates and BPA free. (BPA or bisphenol-A is a chemical used in plastic bottles which has been linked to reproductive and genetic abnormalities, an increased risk of cancer, heart problems and obesity.)

And here are a few effective tips to help reduce your plastic footprint:

  • Avoid products with black plastic trays
  • Screw lids back onto plastic bottles as they are too small to be recycled on their own, and crush the plastic bottles
  • Re-use or avoid if possible
  • Empty and rinse
  • Buy loose fruit and veg
  • Request no plastic packaging
  • Inform and educate

Find out more here.

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