Blue Mirage Fashion Reading Glasses frame C

Blue Mirage Fashion Reading Glasses frame C



I can see clearly now, with a pair of Letmesee fashion reading glasses!

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Grab a pair of these uber-cool blue mirage fashion reading glasses.

The over-40s spend a lot of time looking for their reading glasses.  And because 100% of the population is, or will be, affected by short-sightedness, why not get a few pairs of affordable designer glasses? Innovative, colourful designer glasses to “facilitate eyesight on a daily basis” – the reason behind the success of See Concept! 

Let me see with blue mirage fashion reading glasses!

These reading glasses are part of the Collection #C, great unisex design by See Concept Paris.

  • Frame #C
  • Soft finish
  • Flexible hinges
  • Frame size: 140 x 45 x 155 mm
  • With free grey Felt pouch
  • Packaged in a box size: 180 x 85 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Dioptre Strengths available: +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5, +3

Affordable, fashionable, ethical, made in Paris, what more do you want?



1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3


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