Card Protector Powder

Card Protector Powder



Brand new card protector with a gorgeous coating and bright contrast mechanism! Great move towards a zero-waste supply chain!

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The card protector powder is a brand new product for Spring 2020! And a new step towards a zero-waste supply chain.

Secrid is always giving us excellent quality products. But of course, that brings the problem of what to do with the imperfects ones? Always looking for solutions with regards to aluminium card protector with tiny superficial flaws, the Card protector Powder is born!

A new powder coating technique was developed after a year of research! The texture and brightly coloured mechanism make the new card protector a true eye catcher. And a new step towards a zero-waste supply chain.

Choose from one of the following:

  • Concrete: light grey coating with bright neon yellow mechanism
  • Moss: khaki green with a bright orange mechanism
  • Night Blue: navy blue with a white mechanism

Pair it with a contrasting money band here.

The card protector can take 4 embossed or 6 flat credit cards. It protects your cards from bending, breaking, or unwanted wireless communication. (RFID safe). With one motion, access your cards without opening a wallet.

Don’t forget to register online, as Secrid guarantees the mechanism for 3 years.

The wallet is tested for a lifetime of 100000 operations. Made in Holland.


Concrete, Moss, Night Blue, Fuchsia, Ochre, Pistachio, Sky Blue


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