Djeco Pop Up Balloon

Djeco Pop Up Balloon



Great for party games or for a little party bag gift.

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The Djeco pop up balloon is another stunningly simple idea from Djeco. Each box contains a cotton cover and 4 ballons to inflate inside! Light, easy to take away with you, this is a brilliant toy for little ones!

Children love to play with balloons and these Djeco Pop Balloons are a fabulous idea. Simply inflate a balloon and pop it inside the soft lightweight ball cover and voila! You have the perfect, light, easy to play with ball for indoors or outdoors!

Djeco Pop Balloon measures either 23 or 30 cm in diameter and there are 4 balloons included in each set. You can of course, use your own balloons too!

Recommended for ages 4-8 years.

There are two Pop Balloon designs to choose from:

  • Jungle: Diameter 23 cm, DJ02056
  • Forest Ball: Diametr 23 cm, DJ02053
  • Graphic: Diameter 30 cm, DJ02057

Jungle, Graphic, Forest Ball


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