Dodo Stickers

Dodo Stickers


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Dodon’t forget! Self adhesive reminder stickers.

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Dodo stickers are another great product from Dodo Pad.

Lord Dodo invites you to make use of these stickers in the Dodo Pad and Acad-Pad diary, wall pad calendar or indeed any other organiser of your choosing!

How many Dodo Stickers do I get?

This pack contains 320 assorted stickers to spotlight special occasions and the must-do moments in your life!  Perfect reminders for a birthday, party, holiday, travel, meeting or appointment, back to school, exams, doctor or dentist, special day, wedding etc…Dodon’t forget and Dodo remember!

Who is Lord Dodo?

Lord Dodo (a.k.a. Sir John Verney) came up with the brilliant weekly planner grid solution to life’s dates and deadlines. It was created to aid organisation in the form of a spiral bound, lie flat, almost impossible to lose (due to the nature of its annually altering, brightly coloured cover) desk diary.

Take a look at our other Dodo Pad products including the fabulous Dodo Pad Desk Diary.



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