Mix and Match Stamps Surprising Animals

Mix and Match Stamps Surprising Animals


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A set of stamps on the theme of animals allowing children to compose their own characters by combining shapes and varying colours. They progressively ink the stamps and print the patterns to embellish the scenes provided. Children have fun switching up the combinations and letting their imagination run wild. The scenes come to life with something different every time!

  • 14 thick, easy-to-hold stamps.
  • Mix and match the stamps to create your own characters.
  • So many combinations to discover
  • 4 easy-wash ink colours.
  • 1 storage box with elastic closure to store the supplies once the activity is over.
  • An explanatory booklet details the activity step by step.
  • Contents: 16 cards to be completed (15 x 21 cm), 14 stamps, 4 ink pads (navy blue, yellow, vermilion, taupe), 1 booklet with step-by-step explanations in colour.
  • Design by Magali Attiogbé


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