Vivacious Vegetable Radish

Vivacious Vegetable Radish


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We love this delicious looking vivacious vegetable radish, a new addition to our vegetables! What will you call him? This lovely item is one of the latest in the amazingly growing fruits and vegetables range of cuddly toys by Jellycat.

Vivacious vegetable radish is made of super soft velvety orange material, with stitched segments and a gorgeous embroidered smiley face!

Will you treat a child or an adult to this quirky cuddly toy? The beauty of Jellycat creations is that they appeal to any age and gender!

Studies have shown that soft toys can have a positive effect on a child’s development.  And in a world where we’re constantly plugged in to a device, it’s good to know that soft toys are still hugely popular and loved by all.

Check out our entire range of soft toys here.

Suitable from birth.

Hand wash only, do not put in a washing machine or tumble dryer.

Size: 18 x 8 cm

Jellycat toys

Jellycat have been creating original soft toys in London since 1999.  They have an incredible range of animals and their designs continue to be quirky and cute and always created with luxurious fabrics.  They always stand out from the crowd and make fabulous gifts for all ages.  Even teenagers love them!


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