Herlitz Notebook

Herlitz Notebook



One for all and all in one! The brand new German concept for notebooks! The Herlitz notebook is simply brilliant! Soft plastic cover makes sure your notebook stays immaculate even when rolled up in a bag! With interchangeable inserts and refills.

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Treat yourself to a Herlitz notebook!  They come in a range of sizes and cool colours, and the funky plastic covers won’t get scrunched up in your handbag or work bag!  The covers can be reused again and again, simply replace old paper inserts with new ones to the format that suits you.

Create your own style with this cool Herlitz Notebook

Choose from A4, A5 or A6 format and these fabulous covers:

Red, black, blue, lime green, cupcake design (ideal for noting recipes), vocabulary design with flags of the world, bright orange or mint green.

The A6 and A5 versions have squared paper apart from the Vocabulary design which has lined paper for your wordy lists!  The A4 version is a 2 in 1 design with a lined book and a book of squared paper.

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A6 red, A6 black, A6 Blue, A6 Green, A5 Green, A5 Cakes, A5 Vocab, A4 Orange, A4 Mint, A4 Black, A4 Pink, A4 Translucent, A6 Translucent


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