Tinyly Figurines: a brand new collectable Toy!
Tinyly Figurines: a brand new collectable Toy!
Brand new Tinyly figurines to collect by Djeco

Tinyly Figurines: a brand new collectable Toy!

We are really pleased to announce the launch of this exciting new range of figurines Tinyly! This new toy collection has just been launched by Djeco. Cadeau is proud to introduce it to the UK.

Born from a world of poetry and imagination, these little girls are super cool. Each has a special companion and 2 accessories.

These delicate little creatures are the imaginative, quirky brainchild from Virginie Brachet for Djeco. The range is aimed at children between the age of 4 to 9 years old. Each toy comes in a box and features 1 doll, 1 special friend, 2 accessories and a mini booklet!

You can also keep your favourite Tinyly figurine close to you with a charm necklace. Nice little addition and super cute present!

Children will be delighted with this new range of toys. Transport them into an imaginative world of play with the cute girl and their unusual companion!

Watch this space for future added products like on-the-go play houses and new figures!

Go on make a superb little gift to a child by giving them some Tinyly figurines, by our favourite French brand Djeco!

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